1. The buyers are ready.

Why aren’t you? New listings typically start to dwindle in mid November leaving many buyers waiting for “For Sale” signs to sprout in the spring.  These buyers are joined by a new group who have made a new year’s resolution to buy a new home.  As soon as the holidays are over they and their realtors will be getting in line to take a look at your property.

2. Cold weather gives you more control over your potential buyer’s experience.

When it’s cold outside buyers will hurry from the warmth of their car to the warmth of your home.  Make the most of it!  If you’re smart you’ll turn your home in to a cozy cocoon which no buyer can resist.

3. Landscaping isn’t as important.

If you’ve been neglecting the weeding don’t worry – it won’t show.  Same goes for the neighbours’ garden.

4. Less competition.

You’ve heard about the law of supply and demand haven’t you?  While other sellers are waiting for warmer weather you can get out ahead of the pack.  More buyers than available listings means a seller’s market and more money in your pocket.

5. Timing is everything.

If you’re selling first before buying a new home you can move forward confident that your property has sold and that you will be taking your pick from a growing number of listings as resale housing inventory typically peaks in late May or June. 

Happy house hunting!

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