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Are you looking for design inspiration? Whether you’re revamping your existing living space or starting from scratch in a new home, finding the right look takes some thought. One of the first steps is knowing where to look for those special pieces. I’m talking about the luxurious sofa your friends won’t stop touching, the glass coffee table that stands out to every visitor you invite over, or the modernist print you admire at breakfast every morning. The truth is, life is that much sweeter when your home is full of beautiful, carefully-crafted decor.

If you’re looking to decorate your home in Toronto, here are five shops that are well worth checking out…

1) Ziggy’s At Home

If you find yourself near College and Ossington, be sure to pop into Ziggy’s at Home. This charming little boutique is packed with decor that’s as fun as it is functional. From funky statement-piece chairs to candles you’ll actually want to smell, Ziggy’s has it all. To be honest, shopping here is as much about the experience as it about the pieces you’ll wind up taking home with you. Between the light fragrances, the gorgeous colour palettes, and the playful merchandise (which includes clever gifts and greeting cards), browsing around is a true treat for the senses.

2) Zebuu

When in Bloordale, one of the first stops I make is Zebuu. In an age where decorating a home often means lining up in a warehouse-sized store to buy mass-produced goods, this light-filled boutique is truly something special. The aesthetic here is simple, elegant, and globally-inspired. Looking for a delicate wire soap dish from India? On the hunt for a set of beautifully-embroidered Turkish bath towels? If not, you’ll probably still fall in love at first sight with some of the incredible pieces you see at Zebuu.

3) Atomic Design

Out and about on Queen West? After you grab a perfectly-pulled espresso from White Squirrel, head on over to Atomic. What you’ll get is a healthy dose of vibrant, mid-century art and design. You’ll find the best of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s in this small-yet-eclectic space. Think bright colours, funky furniture silhouettes, vibrant lighting, modernist glass…you get the picture. Take one peek inside the world of owner and curator Lawrence Blairs, and I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be back for more!

4) Home Smith

Home Smith is one of those places. You pop in to buy something, and you wind up leaving with half a carload. That’s definitely not a bad thing, since every piece of merchandise at this Roncesvalles staple is a gem. Home-decorating enthusiasts flock here for the versatile mineral paint, funky patterned rugs, and colourful ceramic coral (trust me: once you see it, you’ll understand the appeal). Whether you’re planning to completely overall your home’s interior or just spruce it up a little bit, you simply have to visit Home Smith.

5) Black Rooster Decor

Across town, in the ultra-hip neighbourhood of Leslieville, you’ll find Black Rooster Decor. This east end boutique is all about bold design with a chic, urban twist. Stop by to find your next favourite statement piece, or browse complete looks on the shop’s gorgeous Instagram account. Either way, you’re sure to be inspired! Pro tip: check out the shop’s collaboration with Oben Flats—one of the city’s most stylish developers of rental properties. The collection of furnishings, known as Oben Shops, offers stylish options for condo dwellers with limited space.

Looking for your perfect house or condo to furnish in Toronto? You can check out recent listings here. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

Featured image sourced from Atomic Design