Susan Wright

“For good old common sense, wisdom and overall business savvy, you will not do better than Kate Watson as your realtor. She is amazing. Part seer, part magician and 100% relentless workhorse, she knew better than I did what kind of house I needed and she found it. Not only did she achieve the impossible by finding a house that was very well-priced in a supercharged market, she micro-managed all the details up to the closing and long after. These included helping me get the best rate on house insurance, keeping my lawyer up-to-date and making sure that everything fell into place on closing day. You simply will not get better service from anyone. My personal wealth has increased vastly as a result of her sharp eye for an excellent deal. As I watch virtually everyone who comes into my home gasp in amazement at the price, quality and beauty of my home I have only this to say, “Kate Watson!