Todd Karges

“When it was time to sell our house we started paying attention to the homes in our neighbourhood that were selling most successfully and one of the things that they often had in common was Kate Watson. Before I even met her, I was impressed by Kates effective marketing strategy. In fact, before I first talked to Kate, I was concerned that I would meet a fast-talking slickster, but I couldnt have been more wrong. From the moment she first set foot in our home, Kate impressed us with her professionalism, her attention to detail, and her business integrity. She even cautioned us to not list our home too early, when it looked like the new house we were having built was running behind schedule. I never doubted that she was working tirelessly to create the best possible outcome for us (which she did). I was thrilled with the results.

Heres the thing about Kate: she has an aggressive marketing strategy that brings a whole lot of the right buyers through your house as quickly as possible, and she does it without strong-arming her clients. She always ensured that I understood exactly how the process worked, and she made sure that I was informed of all the issues, every step of the way. Kate’s selling plan was organized and crisp, and through it, she always had time to answer my questions or address my concerns. Kate sets the bar of professionalism and customer service very high, and she never fails to meet or exceed that standard. I look forward to working with her again. I couldnt recommend her work more highly.”