Dovercourt Park

Toronto Neighbourhoods

Dovercourt Park was long considered one of the most affordable pockets of West Toronto. Of course, it was only a matter of time before this former up-and-coming community became as desirable as it is today. Bordered by Dufferin, Bloor West, Dupont, and Ossington Streets, this charming family-friendly area has some very lively neighbours. Calling it home means having access to all that West Toronto has to offer!

Thinking of moving to Dovercourt Park? Here are five things you should know about living here…

1) You’ll eat well—even during a pandemic

There’s no denying that right now is a tricky time for restaurants. Fortunately, many eateries are weathering the storm with tasty takeout options—some of which are located in Dovercourt Park.

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, you’ll want to place an order at Tacos Gus. This local favourite isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but they do the basics (like braised pork tacos and grilled steak burritos) perfectly.

Another must-try option is Vert-Casse Croute Catering. The takeout menu offers items that will satisfy both your desire for comfort food and your need for a healthy lifestyle. Think beef shepherd’s pie with vegetables and organic onion rings.

2) There’s no shortage of beautiful homes

One of my favourte things about living in West Toronto is all the gorgeous old architecture. There are so many historic home styles here, from Tudor Revival to Arts and Crafts. One of the most sought-after in this corner of the world is Edwardian! It’s well represented in Dovercourt Park.

Here, you’ll find many homes with the boxy shape and brick facade that are characteristic of Edwardian homes. Some also feature details like deep porches and simple stained glass. The abundance of mature trees lining the neighbourhood’s streets only add to the architectural beauty.

3) It’s lively!

Dovercourt Park may be a residential neighbourhood, but it’s far from boring. Just a stone’s throw away, you’ll find plenty of vibrant local businesses.

The area’s primary district runs along Bloor Street West. It’s home to trendy restaurants (like Hogtown Vegan), cozy coffee shops (such as The Common), and boutiques (including Siberia Vintage). Zoinks Music and Books is another Bloor Street favourite—and a can’t-miss for audiophiles and avid readers!

Speaking of books, I have to include the Bloor/Gladstone Library. In this gorgeous building (it’s won numerous architecture awards), you’ll find an incredible selection of literature—and amenities such as an art exhibit space and computer learning centre.

The area around Dupont and Dufferin is also worth noting. Redevelopment here—which includes extensive future plans for the Galleria Mall—will continue adding to the neighbourhood’s investment potential in the years ahead. Lastly, there’s a smattering of local businesses along Dovercourt.

4) It’s home to a wonderful green space

Looking to spend a day outside with the kids? If so, set aside a time to visit Dovercourt Park. Whether your family is looking for a relaxing picnic or some recreation, this pretty green space fits the bill.

Hit up the tennis court with your significant other, head to the baseball diamond with a few friends, or (if you have little ones) check out the playground.

This 6-acre park is also home to the clubhouse for the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club, an organization that offers various programs and camps. From gardening to coding, there’s a whole lot for kids to learn here!

5) There are some unique places to indulge in the arts

If you’re a film lover, head to Paradise. At this Bloor West staple, you’ll find a mix of new cinema, classics, and independent gems. It’s a great place to enjoy the performing arts, too! This beautiful old Art Deco building is also home to an innovative Italian restaurant (Osteria Rialto) and ultra-stylish watering hole (Bar Biltmore).

More of a dance enthusiast? If so, Dovercourt House is worth getting excited about. This four-storey red brick building is home to over 20 dance companies, including the impressive (and nationally-recognized) Corpus.

While dance classes are currently postponed due to the ongoing pandemic, they’re a lot of fun when they’re up and running. From Latin dance to Salsa and Zumba, there are lessons for every type of dancer at Dovercourt House!

Still looking for your perfect home in Dovercourt Park? You can check out recent listings in the neighbourhood here. If you have any questions about the area, feel free to get in touch!